Sunday, September 6, 2015

"I'm not able on my own" - Needtobreathe

5 weeks. I've been back in this beautiful country for 5 weeks now. It seems like forever, and yet, so little time.

I love the crazy bird sounds, from the caw of the ibis to the duck-like sounds of the crested cranes that have made their nest close to home. I still forget that I live in a tropical environment- I look up to see a palm tree and am quickly reminded. I've found my favorite flower here in full bloom on a bush in the center of the school grounds. Adventure has shown itself in various forms from boda rides to an abundance of power outages.

I've jumped into a well-established position that I get to continue to grow. It's a big job.  I spend a lot of time in meetings. I have been charged to make some big decisions. If you know me well, you know that I am terrible at making decisions. Even after I make decisions I fret over it was the correct one or not. God is growing me here. I am not able to do this on my own. Not by a long shot.