Saturday, December 26, 2009

"Calm down, release your cares, the stale taste of recycled air" -Postal Service (yes, that's a band)

As mentioned before, my 1st grade class has been working with the 10-12th graders on a big recycling project through out the month of November.
Lisa Fish, my friend and the High School Social Studies teacher partnering with me, has posted an entry on her blog about our last day working together on the project. We took a trip to the recycling plant! Complete with pictures of me translating, check out:

Here's some pictures of the kids working together to make posters encouraging others to recycle on campus:
Our plastic competition winners, Logan and Jonah, work together to make their poster.

Star and Rora sit and watch others finish their posters.

Bhavik and Ethan proudly hang up their poster on the administration building.

Here's some of my pictures from when we made paper together:
 Some of the other students watching the demonstration in the back.

 Tiya and Jaden working to make paper from our pulp of used paper that we cut up into tiny