Saturday, February 13, 2010

Jesus, fill me with your Spirit Lord- Big Tent Revival

This past week at Heritage International School was SPIRIT WEEK!
I have to say that this week is one of my favorites. I just love the chance to dress up like a nut. The themes this week were:
Wacky Tacky: Honesty

(Above: Me and Miss Eunice; 2 happy 1st graders; Teresa, Jill (2 teachers) and Obeti admiring the DOUBLE rainbow after school)

What I want to be when I grow up: Forgiveness

(Above: Lisa Mayo as an old lady; a builder & scientist; Teresa & me as a safari guide & singer)

Cartoon Character:

(Above: Lisa Fish as Larry the cucumber; Kristi & Me as Cheshire Cat & Queen of Hearts; 2nd grader as Pinnochio; some crazy 1st graders)

Pajama day:

(Above: 4 little ones playing as they untangle themselves; some 1st graders in their pj's)

Games day: 

(Willy (support staff) helping out in basketball; handing off the egg; 2nd grader & me in the 3 legged race; My team...go blue!)

I admit that I was sunburnt and completely drained by the time 1pm came around on Friday, but never-the-less rejuivinated in spirit as I certainly felt younger :)