Thursday, June 10, 2010

"So this is home" ~ Switchfoot

Another e-mail I just sent out:

“He determines the number of stars and calls them each by name. Great is our Lord and mighty in power; his understanding has no limit.” ~ Psalm 147:4-7

Plans change. Sometimes too fast for us to process them. 2 weeks ago today I walked off the plane from Uganda to go straight to a viewing. Although I didn’t get to say goodbye to my grandmother in person, it was SO needed for me to be here during that time for me to process things and say goodbye to the amazing person that she was. Sure, it’s been overwhelming at times, with all of that and culture shock flowing in, but I am constantly reminded by our great creator how much he loves us. Our heavenly father loves us more than we can fathom, and it’s so beautiful.

The night before I left Uganda, as I was heading into my apartment I glanced out at the stars one last time. The first constellation I saw? The southern cross! Living on the equator is a great privilege in the sense that you get to see parts of both of the hemispheres constellations. There are other times when I have seen the northern cross. Coming from NJ however, and being in the northern hemisphere I’ve come to treasure the sight of the southern cross. It was a beautiful sight that brought a joyful smile to my stressed face. The next night as I flew over Greece I looked up from the city lights below me to see another very familiar constellation, Cassiopeia. I’ve always loved the shape of Cassiopeia and how easy it is to find. I was in awe of how vast his creation was and how even from a plane high above the non-existent clouds I could look out and get a new view of that constellation…right next to me (at least seemingly so).

God has also been right next to me this whole time, and will be so during the next month and a half in the states. It’s been so great to be with my family in the past 2 weeks and process things with them. All of this to say, I will be leaving to head back to Uganda earlier than expected since I came home early. So, I would love to get together with people before I leave JULY 27th. Please don’t hesitate to contact me, I am in New Jersey for the moment and doing a bit of traveling, including going out to Indiana for my missions 100th Anniversary Celebration at the end of June. If you’re in the area, I’d love to meet up and catch up on your life!